- Service very useful to check the list of the suppliers you have selected by Internet

- Verify in a first time if your supplier in China really exists and seems serious; so you can avoid being the victim of a scammer or of a dishonest vendor;
- Check if your supplier has well understand your request; indeed many vendors in China speaks a poor English and use Google translate; so sometimes the translation is not really adequate;
- Avoiding communication mistakes because of an inadequate knowledge of the business culture and etiquette in China that are very different from etiquette and business culture in Europe;
- Clarify with your supplier the points  that seems unclear to you;
- Negotiate in Chinese by phone with your suppliers;
- Help you to conclude commercial negotiations with your suppliers in China.


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 Spéés en Sourcing International, consulting import-export, management des achats, management et controles qualité en Chine et aussi en E-Commerce depuis 1997, nous offrons un service efficace, dynamique, personnalisé et complet ciblant les attentes du client final partout dans le monde. Nous fournissons aux entreprisesles outils et services dont elles ont besoin pour réussir leurs achats à l’import et leurs ventes à l’international.










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